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South Florida Electrophysiology was the first dedicated electrophysiology practice in Miami Dade

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“It was on a Tuesday night about 10 months ago, I got this awful pain in my neck, a heaviness in my chest, my heart was racing, I got nausea and broke out into a sweat and my blood pressure went up. I went to Mount Sinai Hospital emergency room and they admitted me which would begin a succession of 6 hospitalizations. Dr. Todd Florin was the cardiologist assigned to me. During this period I had a couple of strokes and nearly every month I had to be hospitalized, my afib was not getting better. My Doctor recommended an Ablation, I was reluctant-but I was not improving so I had to do something. I agree to the procedure in December 2013 and since that time I have not had to be hospitalized again, I am doing great considering where I was. The procedure certainly did help me. I feel better and I know my heart will be just fine. Dr. Florin is a fine doctor with a sense of humor and I am lucky he was my assigned cardiologist.”
– Janet Dixon

Dr Florin gave me my life back. After suffering from episodes of svt for years, I had the ablation and my life is changed forever. I can now enjoy a life free of worries. He made me feel comfortable from the first visit and really cares about each patient he treats. I am forever grateful to Dr. Florin. My husband also had an ablation for svt by Dr. Florin and he has been svt free for 6 years. Best Dr ever!
– Sabina Jacobs

There are only 2 Reasons to do anything in medicine. Only 2.

To make people feel better & to make people live longer

We are dedicated to that simple philosophy and will use anything to achieve it. Whether it is an advanced complex ablation, or simple reassurance; we are there for you and your heart rhythm care.

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